Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rotarian. Rotarians are business and professional leaders who take an active role in their communities while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives. 
Membership in a Rotary club offers a number of benefits, including:
  • effecting change within the community
  • advancing business and professional contacts
  • developing leadership skills
  • gaining an understanding of — and having an impact on — international humanitarian issues
Membership Application
If you are interested in membership, please complete a Daybreak Rotary New Member Application. Once the application has been received, you will be contacted with club information and membership details. During the application/new member phase, you will be asked to attend regular Daybreak Rotary meetings, as you will be introduced to the club several times before formal induction.  If you have any questions about the Daybreak Rotary Membership process or Daybreak Rotary, please contact Daybreak's Membership Chair, Cindy Bathgate.
Why Rotary?
Rotary develops character and brings out the best of the human spirit. It teaches people ethics, humanity, cultural awareness, people skills and the desire and ability to serve. Rotary creates a more positive environment for promoting world understanding and peace. Rotary encourages service and gives opportunities to engage and act in your own community and across the world. There are many clubs in the Cedar Rapids community that you could chose to join and we hope you will choose one! The more Rotarians, the better.

Why Cedar Rapids Daybreak Rotary?
Our members say they love being a part of Daybreak Rotary for many reasons:
  • Friday morning Rotary is a great way to lead into the weekend! We know that early risers get stuff done!
  • We’re passionate about youth in our community – and you can see it in ACTION!
  • You can see us practicing “Service above self” and focus on future generations of our community!
  • We’re typically younger and more diverse than many other clubs – and keep this as a focus when recruiting new members!
  • We have fun! We’re enthusiastic! We work hard, and play hard!
  • Building professional connections and friendships!
At Daybreak we focus on finding ways to connect with our community though volunteer opportunities! Supporting youth in our community financially and through partnerships with organizations that serve youth is our priority!
Membership Dues & Fees 
Dues and fees include a $50 Initiation Fee and $175 every 6 months for the no meals option or $365 every 6 months for meals option.  Dues are payable in January and July.  The club does have Venmo: DaybreakRotary-CR.
Dues Assistance
  • $50 New Membership Fee will be waived for New Members expressing a concern after Board approval
  • Dues will be discounted based on the No Meals option.  Member will pay 50% of No Meals option dues and the club will cover 50% for 2 dues cycles.  For example if a member joins the club in September, the club will cover 50% of the prorated dues until January and 50% of the January - June dues.  Member may request additional discounted dues for a second year and must be approved by the board if active involvement in the club can be demonstrated through attendance, support of the Duck Race and participation in Community Service projects. 
  • An extension may be considered by the Board if a Member is considered to be actively involved and in good standing. Dues assistance may be suspended by the Board at any time for a member not considered in good standing. 
  • The Board will determine the number of  Dues Assistance opportunities available based on current finances